Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions:

This document is providing a detailed clarification on the Terms and Conditions of our business between CashYourPhone™ and You as a customer.

We request that you read this document carefully before completing any online transactions with us. A contract is created once a sales transaction is completed and you are liable to be bound by these terms and conditions.

The contract agreement is formed between CashYourPhone and You. The terms used as CashYourPhone or We or Us refers to CashYourPhone. The term or word used as You refers to the customer/ user of CashYourPhone. The Sales Transaction refers to the sale of your device (mobile phone / Tablet / Computer) to CashYourPhone.

How the contract is formed between You and Us.

For the customer to proceed with a Sales Transaction process: Should be a resident of the UK mainland or Northern Ireland

You should have ownership / rights of the device that you wish to sell

You should be aged 18 years or if below 18 years, should obtain permission from guardians / parents.

The ownership of the device is transferred to us and a contract is formed when a receipt is created at the point of payment for your device. Both parties (you and HR), as well as any new successors, are bound by this contract.

CashYourPhone is an online trading company and communicates via email to all customers. Please make sure to check & read all of your emails regularly and take the particular action requested in the email. We send a lot of automatically generated emails which is possible to go into the Junk/Spam mailbox, so please check those also. CashYourPhone can not be held responsible for any unread and unchecked emails.

 We also provide courier service for orders and returns.

After receiving your order at our center, we will diagnose each device and present you with the quote for each item with its reason on valuation. At this point, if you decide to take back your devices and feel not to sell your devices to us, then a nominal charge £20 is levied on you to cover the testing, inspecting, workmanship, packaging and administration along with returning your unit. All units will be sent with a tracking number and will need your signature along with insurance to make sure it's delivered back to you as safe as possible.


If at any time you want to change the sales transaction before posting the device to us, then you are free to do so at no cost.

After sending/posting the device to us, you are bound by the contract and cannot cancel. We will return your devices if you reject our valuation quote. We are not liable for any payment to you at this instance.

Offer After Expiry

The quoted device valuation is valid for 14 days and it will expire after this. If after 14 days you decide you still want to proceed, please contact us as prices can change. If you still want to send the device to us, you can proceed further with postage. 

On receiving your device, we will inspect the device and tell you the best and final valuation quote through email. The valuation will be based on the condition of the device and its current market value. You as the customer will have a choice to accept or decline this price within 14 days. If you agree and accept our offer the payment will be sent, completing and finalizing the contract between Us and You. After waiting 6 weeks, if the service charge is not paid then the device will be recycled and the offered amount will be paid. 

Posting and tracking.

Posting your phone, a free pickup (Postal) service is provided by us to collect your device provided the conditions are met according to our guidelines of testing. We use trusted UPS courier service, which is traceable by you. This service is insured up to the value of £50. It is recommended to get your devices insured for a value greater than £50 such as by Special Delivery service. This will help in making your device insured for value up to £500, in case it is lost in transit. You are free to choose any postal service to send the device to us. However, we recommend you choose a Tracked Postal Service. If you choose our UPS courier service, we are liable to pay the value £50 compensation cost, in case of loss or theft of your device. This compensation is provided only on producing proof of postage, tracking receipt order. This receipt you can obtain from any of your local UPS Mail Service Posting Office. We will not be responsible for lost or damaged products in the postal system.

It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the details of the insurance levels provided by the Post Office. We can not pay you for devices we do not receive. We are responsible for your device once received at our facility. All return packages will be shipped with a delivery note attached at the end of your letter. The delivery note is used to identify your device to your order and must be completed and placed in the package you send us. The delivery note is important as it identifies your device and your order together. There is also space for you to advise us of your password to speed up the process of your order. Any device received without the delivery can not be identified and will be held by us for a period of 90 days. After the device has been held for 90 days without a claim, it will be securely destroyed and you will no longer be able to process or return your device. If you have sent your device without the delivery note in error, do not worry, as you can call with the tracking number and we can locate your device and attach it to your order.

Device Processing

Given the many variations of the condition of phones, tablets, laptops & computers, it is very difficult to give a single price fitting quote for all services. We do not make price promises that cannot be maintained. We give an accurate valuation of your device to the receipt and we offer a price that is highly competitive and in many cases is it much higher than other recyclers or service providers. The prices given on the website will be paid for the devices which are in great cosmetic and in perfect working condition/order. This means that there are no marks/scratches, etc., or small marks/scratches, that do not affect the device recyclable value. Depending on the condition of your device, we may send you a revaluation offer. This will be done by email, so be sure to check your emails regularly, including junk/spam check. The email of the offer will give you two options; To accept the price or to decline the price. Rest assured that if we cannot reasonably justify a reduction in price, we will NOT reduce it. We will offer you a fair and competitive price for your device based on its cosmetic condition and functionality tests or workability.

Please note that the network you select when you sell your phone on our website affects the price we pay. If you choose the wrong network, you may be offered a lower value. Please note that we cannot return devices to customers through our free return service where the wrong network was selected. Check your network before sending your device.

Guide on Condition

In the following list, although not extensive is intended to provide you guidance on the reasons why we would offer a different price:

No back cover or Battery or missing parts/screws. Evidence that the device has been subjected to an attempt to repair from/by an unauthorized service center and/or has non-original parts incorporated in/on it. The device is crushed, not in one piece or disassembled. All major components must be attached to the dashboard. Without IMEI or IMEI tags. It is not a UK specification device and is locked in a foreign network.  It does not turn on and off and does not work properly or is defective. The device has scuffs, bumps, cracks, dents, splinters, scratches on outer wraps/cosmetics/ device body and battery/back cover. Scratches or marks on the screen. Please note that the screen protectors will be removed in order to thoroughly inspect the screen. The screen has blemishes, bruises, or missing pixels when turned on. Evidence of fluid ingress. Password/security lock and activated devices in the customer iCloud account.

Final Value Price

If your device is eligible for the full price as given on the website, we will not send an email giving you the option to accept or reject the price. The total price will be paid automatically and the transaction cannot be canceled. When a counter offer is offered, we will send you an email confirming the final price we can offer before processing the phone for recycling. This email offers two options

(1) to accept the final price or

(2) decline the final price and have your device returned to you.

You will have to choose an option by clicking on the "accept" or "decline" link. Be careful when clicking on the chosen link, once we have processed your device for payment (clicked on the acceptance link), we cannot return the device to you. Also make sure that you click on one of the links. In which the links have been clicked more than once, we will process the device according to the last link clicked, for example; if you click on the decline link and immediately after click on the accept link, we will process your device as accepted and the payment will be made.

Automatic final price acceptance- keep in mind that our goal is to be as fair as possible to our customers and allow them the opportunity to consider the price we have provided. We do not want to automatically accept a valuation price. We do not want unhappy clients, however, please respond to our emails to avoid disappointment. We will email you numerous times as your device is in our care so make sure that you check your emails regularly, including your junk/spam mail and reply as soon as possible to avoid delays.

Payments- Our method of payment are bank transfer. We can change your method of payment as long as the payment has not been increased. Once the payment has been increased, we will not be able to change the method of payment.

Bank transfer - Payment will only be made to the person who made the transaction on our website. We make fast transactions on the same day and where your order has been processed before 2pm (Monday to Friday), the funds will be in your bank account before midnight the same day. When orders are completed after 2 pm, funds will be shown in bank accounts the next business day. We cannot be responsible for improperly entered bank details and in this case, it may take up to 2 weeks for the funds to be returned to our account so that we can re issue the funds. Keep in mind that there is a risk that funds cannot be recovered at all and we cannot take responsibility for this.

Data Security

We cannot be responsible for the security and confidentiality of personal data. It is your responsibility to transfer and delete any information from your device before sending us. There is a data removal tool on our website, please use this to ensure the safe removal of your personal information. If you cannot find the model of your phone in the data removal tool, fill in a Contact Us Form/email and we will email you the instructions. When we receive your device if you have not already RESET the device, then we will do so here to protect your personal information. We recommend that you reset the device yourself before sending to us, as we are not responsible for errors and / or failures that occur in the device during the reset process. Also note that if you decide that you do not want to accept our final pricing/valuation and that your device should be returned, all previous data from the device will have been deleted. We cannot be held responsible for any deletion of any data in the returned device. 

Data and SIM Cards

The price offered is for your device and battery, therefore you do not need to send any other accessory. We will accept accessories such as chargers, boxes, manuals, etc. to recycle. But, shipping accessories will not increase the price offered. We will not assume any liability for loss, damage or misuse of:  SIM cards and any information/data on them. Remove your SIM card before sending us your device, we will not accept responsibility for SIM cards and if they are received they will be destroyed. Data and memory cards and any information contained within and device we will destroy and dispose off. Extra Devices to receive payment for additional devices, you must include all devices in the sales transaction. Any device received that has not been sold on our website and does not have an order reference number attached to it will be sent for recycling without any payment being made.

iCloud and Password Issues

Delete the device password and / or disable the iCloud device before sending it to us. Devices received with passwords and blocked in iCloud accounts or regisetered with google account. will be valued at a price £0 if you can not remove the account. You should be aware that they are also exempted from our free return service. A payment of £20 will be made by yourself for the time taken and for us to return your device. 

Blacklisted or Blocked Products- We use CheckMEND delinquency protection database for due diligence controls and to determine the legal ownership of the device. We can not process devices that do not meet our due diligence requirements, this may be because the device has a report against it and it is not in the possession of the legal owner. Upon receipt of your device, we verify the IMEI with the CheckMEND database and in the case of a device failing the CheckMEND test, we will send you an email in order to give you the opportunity to contact CheckMEND to discuss Your options. We will not pay for devices that do not pass a CheckMEND test and are legally required to retain the device. We will keep a device failing a CheckMEND test for 30 days and after this period, if the device still fails the CheckMEND test, we will dispose of it in accordance with our legal obligations. In the event that a device is notified to CheckMEND as a blocked network AFTER your device has been recycled and we have paid you, we will notify the Police and initiate procedures to recover the money we paid to you.

Counterfit or Fake Devices

Counterfeit or Fake devices are manufactured to resemble devices made by another company that constitute Copyright infringement. We do not accept counterfeit/fake devices for cash recycling. Counterfeit / fake devices will not be returned in accordance with industry practice and standards/ Copyrights. They will be eliminated without payment due.

Non E.U/Dual sim

Please note that any phones outside the E.U or duel sim will be offered at a reduced price of upto 90% of the final price offered

Return Policy

Once you have accepted our offer, either a full price offer or a revaluation, we will not be able to return your mobile device. We will only return your device when a revalue offer which has been made by us has been declined. We cannot guarantee delivery of the accessories with your device. To avoid disappointment, please do not send them. If you receive your device without the accessories or original device box then we will strive to find and return the original items. However, we can use replacement items if the items have been recycled. The devices are returned by a UPS Mail signed for and will require a signature upon delivery. If you are not at home to sign the package, UPS Mail will leave a card. In this case be sure to pick up your device from the UPS Mail office as detailed on the card. If you do not pick up the package within a specified time as explained on the card, it will be returned to us. In this case, you should contact us to make arrangements for a second delivery attempt. In this case, we will apply a charge of £5 to return on a second occasion. Be sure to enter your address information correctly when selling your device on our website. If we return a device to you and the address details are incorrect, we will apply a £20 administration fee to send it back on a second occasion. In the event. If the devices are lost or damaged in the post during the return of the device to you, we will make an insurance claim with UPS Mail. You will only be able to make a claim for the current market value of the device and will only offer compensation according to our device valuation before sending the device back to you.

Free Return Exemptions

Devices sold on our website as the wrong model or as the wrong network (Apple products only) or not meeting our grading guidelines will be exempt from the free return service. It is the responsibility of the customers to ensure that the correct information is selected at the point of sale and, therefore, if the device received does not match the sales order, i.e. it is a different model or the network is not correctly selected or the condition is overly estimated than the actual condition. We have the right to apply for a postal charge return, to send these items back to you. The charge is £20 and you must contact us via phone- to arrange the payment of £20 before your device is sent back to you.

Environmental Friendly

Recycling mobile devices and accessories is one of the biggest challenges for all companies that have a responsibility for the environment. The European Union Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) came into force in January 2007. The directive contains very strict provisions to encourage companies to recycle and reuse materials and ensure controlled disposal of materials that can not be recycled. We are committed to working in line with the internationally recognized standards of environmental management systems. For this we have the following accreditations, memberships and licenses: Waste Management Institution the Environment Agency ISO 14001 environmental standard. Waste management and waste transfer license All work procedures and systems are periodically subjected to internal and external audits to ensure full compliance with appropriate environmental legislation, recognized standards and customer requirements.

Blocked devices after we have paid you

After payment’s have been finalised if your device was to be blocked for any reason then we will contact you to return the full amount paid by us for your device plus £15 postage and packaging for us to return your device back to you. All payments must be finalised within 30 days from the first point of contact regarding this matter.

Failing to do so will result in Legal action taken against you.

How we grade your device and counter offer prices are made

This is just a guide and does not include an extensive list of all the defects that will cause your device to be degraded.


Grade A1 (Deduction of 0%) The device must be in the original box with geniune charger and cable. Cosmetically the device will not show any visible signs of use. There will be no scratches, dents, cracks or scratches to the screen. Grade A2 (Deduction of 10%) Cosmetically the device will show slight signs of use Including some minor scratches to the screen and casing or equivalent. Grade A3 (Deduction of 20%) Cosmetically the device will show little signs of use Including small scratches and scuffs on the screen and the case. It will not have cracks in the screen or the casing.


We have the same grading process. The more scratches and dents and faults it has it will be graded into the following B1 (Deduction of 0%), B2 (Deduction of 10%) B3 (Deduction of 20%). C (Deduction of 50%) The device may include missing port caps and non-original rear casing as long as the device is able to be fully tested.

Packaging and transit

It is the customer responsibility to insure that they use original packaging or similar to ensure the safe transport of the item. 

Any items received damaged will not be our responsibility nor the courier will accept any claims if the items are not packaged in their respective original boxes supplied by the manufacturer at the time of purchase. however, we will still put a claim in on the behalf of the customer at their request but would like to highlight that any such claims will be rejected by the courier. 


Grade D (Deduction of 0%) If the device power on after replacing the battery and or LCD and then fully functional.

Grade E (Deduction of 50%) If we replace the battery and LCD and the device still does not switch.

Grade F (UPTO 100% of Deduction) We will only use Grade F if there is nothing we can use in the device.

Additional Information

As an online trading company, we will send you progress updates and other relevant information via email. Therefore, we strongly advise you to check your emails regularly and please remember to check your junk mail. We cannot be responsible for emails not received / not read by you or where an incorrect email address has been provided. We will not be liable or responsible when circumstances beyond our control cause us to breach any of our obligations to you. We will not accept devices for recycling customers outside the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. In the event of receiving a device from a customer outside these areas, we will recycle the device without payment due to the customer. Devices will only be returned to the customer where the customer pays for the return postage. We reserve the right to modify and modify our terms and conditions from time to time. Grading of Devices Try using an extensive checklist that includes strict controls of the IMEI (CheckMend database), case status, screen status, buttons, switches, headphone ports, headset, speakers, microphones, touch screen, LCD, Wi-Fi connectivity, camera, SIM Network detection and connectivity, power port, battery, accelerometer and appropriate software detection. All tests are visual, we never take the device apart and we never use tools in the inspection process. The devices will be checked against ChecKMend the following if your device fails any of the following: Currently blocked, Lost Stolen, Subject to an insurance claim, Possible counter production, Possible clone. These devices will be kept for 30 days to resolve the problem. If the problem is not resolved, the devices can only be recovered by the Police or the legitimate owner. No payments will be sent if the device fails on CheckMend.

We have a right to revalue the device that does not meet the criteria of the condition selected by our customers. we will email you and you have 7 days to either accpet our counter offer or decline it from the email. 

after the the period of 7 days, we will pay the amount of the counter offer and proceed with the recycling of the device. 

we will not be responsible for any loss occured by this to you and will not be able to reverse any actions at this stage. 

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time. 

Big Thank You to all our Customers who have recycled their devices at CashYourPhone.co.uk.