About Us

We have beenin the mobile Phone industry for a decade now and providing different services related to Smartphone, Tablets, Laptops and Computers. We have hands on experience in dealing with hundreds of customers on a daily basis who come to our service centre with different types of issues related to their devices. We have realised that at some point we all need an upgrade for our old & used / non working or severely damaged Mobile Phones, Tablets or Computers to the latest model. We at Cashyourphone.co.uk are providing the best platform to sell your device in a very fast and simple way. We provide a secure and safe Pick & Drop service for your device so that it remains intact and in the same condition in which you have sent it. In this way you can get the best value price for your device.

We have made our service so flexible that if you did not like the selling price of the device then you can cancel the order and get back the device from us but we are sure you will not do this as you will love our prices quoted for your devices! We will try to give you the best value for your phone as quickly as possible. We recycle your device in an eco-friendly way and supply its different components safely to various industries where they are required to be reused. By selling your device to us you are not only receiving the best price for your unwanted device you are indirectly helping to save our Planet and its ecosystem from being polluted. We know that these electronic devices are made up of various carcinogenic chemicals and heavy metals, which are very harmful for all living beings. Even a small single mobile phone battery, has the potential of polluting 600,000 litres of water as it contains dangerous chemical elements. So do not hesitate! The sooner you sell your unwanted devices, the quicker you'll receive your cash!

Get the Best Price for Your Unwanted Device TODAY.